Executive Coaching

Beacon’s one-on-one coaching is singularly focused on significant and sustained increase in leadership effectiveness. Our coaching solution is designed to help facilitate professional and personal development of senior and mid level managers.

We guide individuals through a rigorous process of self-discovery, action planning, execution and evaluation to achieve desired outcomes.  Beacon employs high performance coaching which is much more than simply employing good supervisory practices; it is about establishing a special development relationship in which leaders can engage in uniquely positive, candid and demanding conversations that produce significant improvements in personal performance.

Within an organizational climate, coaching helps leaders to become more mission-driven, values-centered, and customer-responsive.

We further believe that it is imperative for managers to create an environment that inspires creativity, innovation, courage and boldness to redefine, realign and redesign the way we think and perform. We refer to this approach as “aspirational thinking.”

Awards & Affiliations

Compass Blueprint - Leadership in Planning for Sustainability
Special Recognition CA Supplier of the Year

Los Angeles Area Chamber of Commerce