Change Management

Organizations are constantly undergoing change in today’s fast paced business environment to remain competitive and relevant.   Public sector agencies are more than ever under pressure to change  in response to greater accountability from elected boards and commissions, public and media scrutiny.  The constant innovation of technology is also pushing organizations to replace outdated systems and processes with more agile, flexible technologies.

Recognizing these needs, Beacon’s change management solutions are focused on assisting the ‘people’ in organizations to adapt to change.  We work with the organization’s leadership to develop a culture that:

  • involves employees in the change process
  • solicits employee input
  • prepares employees for change with resources, coaching and training.
  • improves two-way communication between management and staff and
  • creates an environment of self-empowerment, personal accountability and responsibility.
Awards & Affiliations

Compass Blueprint - Leadership in Planning for Sustainability
Special Recognition CA Supplier of the Year

Los Angeles Area Chamber of Commerce