Communication and Engagement

stakeholder_engagementOur communication and engagement solutions are focused on expanding the public outreach and engagement of both governmental agencies and private sector firms–to build awareness, seek opinions, and receive feedback on programs, policy initiatives, and infrastructure planning projects.

In addition to being a prime firm, we are a preferred subcontractor to larger firms in transportation planning, engineering, architectural design, and energy utilization.   Our firm brings a unique social and behavioral perspective on projects through our expertise and experience in  public policy, economic development, communications, and organization development.

We excel in stakeholder engagement using a variety of methods including online surveys, public meetings, and community forums.  Additionally, through the use of targeted social media including Facebook, Twitter and email blasts we are able to maximize stakeholder participation.

Beacon believes the success of any stakeholder process must include:

  • Broad-based involvement by an array of diverse stakeholders
  • Credibility and openness of the process
  • Soliciting usable feedback from stakeholders
  • Commitment and/or involvement of authentic stakeholder groups and their leadership
  • Overcoming mistrust and skepticism through examination of broad concerns
  • Process that is documented and can be analyzed


Demonstration Project – Mass Care and Shelter Plan

We were most impressed by Beacon’s professionalism and ability to quickly engage the client city stakeholders to work collaboratively with them and was effective in winning their trust to become engaged in the planning process. The end result was a useable plan that was customized to the needs, preferences, and priorities of the City and its residents. Additionally, the best practices from this planning process were shared with other 85 cities in the County through a workshop.

-Chief, Los Angeles Area Alliance